Nutritional Muscle Testing is a comprehensive assessment of your body’s nutritional deficiencies. This testing will identify which supplements your body needs to help you achieve optimal health.

The testing will show how your nervous system, digestive system and cardiovascular system are functioning. We also discover which key hormones you have a deficiency of in order to determine what foods you need to avoid so they don’t trigger an adverse reaction in the body.

We have found through our testing that people often have sensitivities to fruit and vegetables as well as the proteins in animal meats. Our testing has allowed many of our patients to enjoy a healthier lifestyle by discovering which foods they can now eat without any adverse reactions.

Many of our patients have lost weight, improved their digestion and increased their energy levels because this testing helped them discover what foods were triggering a negative reaction in their body.

Nutritional Muscle Testing

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Initial consultation


This would be the first visit with the practitioner and would be scheduled for 30 minutes;

Follow up visit


The practitioner will reevaluate your program from your previous visit and make adjustments as necessary. Visit is approximately 15 minutes.