Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna sessions will open the pores in your skin and promote detoxification of the body. Many people have found relief from different types of autoimmune disorders using this natural therapy.  Our patients with high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels have also noticed significant results after attending their sauna sessions.

People with arthritis or an autoimmune disorder will find that after performing infrared sauna sessions they notice a great improvement in pain management. Infrared Sauna therapy is also used in weight loss programs because it helps you break down stored fat.

The biomat and infrared sauna sessions are two therapies that work synergistically, allowing the body to heal at a much faster rate than when using one therapy alone.

Infrared Sauna

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Single Session


Single sessions are 30 minutes long and may include chromotherapy (colored lights)

10 Sessions


This is a great value for people that can’t come in more than twice a week and want to spread out their visits



This is the best value. Come in as many days as you would like (Max 1 visit per day) for a 30 day period. Potentially as little as $10 per visit.