Frequently asked questions

Do you accept any insurance?

No. By remaining a cash-based practice, we are able to keep our operating costs low.

We receive payment at the time of service and therefore there is no need to hire a billing service to collect payments from you later. Even more important is we do not have to hire coding and specialized insurance billing services to produce and collect claims from an insurance company. These expenditures are very costly for medical practices that accept various insurance plans.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes. We are accepting new patients for all services. However, depending on the service and the provider that you are requesting, wait times vary. Currently new patients with Dr. Zumhagen are scheduling out 6 + months. We have other practitioners that offer the same services he offers and are more readily available.

What kind of services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of services all centered around your body’s ability to heal itself. We offer nutritional visits which help our patients with any chronic symptoms or patients that want to maintain their good health. We also offer pediatric and school physicals with our Nurse Practitioner. Chiropractic, Colon Hydrotherapy, PEMF are also offered. You can find a full list of services our our service page.

Do you run labs in the office?

We don’t draw blood or run labs in the office. If you need to order a panel and you are an established patient we can write a prescription for the lab that you can then take to a 3rd party lab near you. If you do not have insurance that covers lab work, we recommend using services like for cash pay discounts.

Do you ship supplements?

Yes. You can order them by texting (708) 367-6653 with the phrase “Order Supplements”.

Can I use you as my Primary Care Provider?

No. We do not consider ourselves primary care for adults. Due to the wholistic nature of our services we recommend using us as a complementary health approach.

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