Is this like Chiropractic?

Many believe poor posture is a result of sitting wrong, slouching, hunching, staring at screens all day. If this were true poor posture would only affect sullen teenagers, however we see postures worsen as we age over time. Poor posture is the result of skeletal structure compensating for some past injury. This is why it hurts to sit or stand up straight when you concentrate on doing so. Think of a rubber band twisting, twist it enough and you start to see it fold and twist onto itself. Trying to straighten the rubber band without untwisting will only cause it to fold onto itself again once relaxed. Now apply this thought to your spine, this is what gives us poor posture when we’re not thinking about and pain when we focus on good posture. ABC allows the body to unwind over time giving the appearance of standing taller, straighter and painlessly.

How Does it Work

ABC reverses structural decay without the use of special clothing, devices, or even exercise by the patient. People see and feel a noticeable difference even after the first visit and have said it improves their body mechanics and body structure, as well as their athletic performance. Learn more from real patients and practitioners here.